Made in AustraliaStandard Supply Co is here to fill a gap in the market for a solid distributor of Air conditioning Accessories & Electrical products. We have a strong focus on being highly involved with design and industry requirements of the products we distribute. We work hand in hand with the manufactures to ensure the product they supply is absolutely the best product for the Australian Market.

Our team lead by Lance Manning has amassed a huge portfolio of success in various Industries around Australia with the Design and supply of products for the Australian market place, with a strong focus on Air Conditioning and Electrical Products.

Why Us?

We believe that great product is Powerful, Hard Work essential and new solutions Integral to the success of any supply Distribution Business.

This our friends is why Standard Supply Co will be a leading Company in the Air con and Electrical Industry for Australia.

Impact Strength


Gloss Retention


Heat Distortion

Yield Strength

Product Quality

Standard Supply Co is committed to continually improving and ensuring the ongoing quality of its products.

As part of this process we have recently completed a range of tests, carried out independantly to assess the performance levels of Ezyduct products and how they performed against a number of our competitors’ products.

The key performance criteria that were selected for testing include: Impact Strength, Weathering, Gloss Retention, Modules (stiffness), Heat Distortion Temperature and Yield Strength. All of these characteristics put together determine the overall performance that is experienced during installation and throughout the life of the product.

We invite you to inspect our performance statements which provide overall performance ratings for Ezyduct/Myduct compared with 4 other competitor products which were all exposed to exactly the same testing regime.